BTFC Preparing for the Delay Phase COVID-19 Update

March 12th 2020, – We request that all of our players, parents, fans and any visitors to Bracknell Town FC continue to follow developments and the latest government advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19):

We will also continue to closely monitor all developments and take any necessary steps. For example, IF the Government or local authorities take the decision to close ALL national or local schools we will immediately follow suit. This will result in the suspension of ALL Youth Team training and matches

At this stage, First Team fixtures and training will continue as normal and will remain so until we are notified otherwise by our League and or the Football Association. Any official directions we receive will be final and we do not have any options but to comply.

We will continue will the current football league directives which is as follows:

1) No handshakes as part of the RESPECT pre-match campaign by Players and Officials.

2) No handshakes by Captains and Officials at the toss of the coin.

3) No handshakes by Players and Officials after the final whistle.

This does not mean that you cannot compliment the opposition players and officials on a sporting match, just NO handshakes to reduce the COVID-19 risk.

We also extend the no handshake policy to cover training across all age groups and anywhere in and around our facility which includes parents, fans, and any visitors to Bracknell Town FC.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and follow any future advice and guidelines set out by the relevant authorities.

Please ensure that you keep up to date with the advice issued by Public Health England

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Stephen Shortland
Chief Executive
Bracknell Town Football Club