Bracknell Town Football Club International Academy COVID-19 Update

March 14th, 2020 – We are well aware that you will all be concerned at the moment with regard to the situation in Europe and the Corona Virus. As a club and an organization that is in constant and regular contact with your son, we felt it necessary and appropriate that we should write to you to confirm that we are doing all that we can to keep our international players safe and occupied throughout the next few weeks of uncertainty.

We have completely shut down all of our football training and match day programs with immediate effect, some of which follows the guidance of our relevant leagues and governing bodies, but more so a full shut down in order to limit people on campus, employ only a core staff which in turn will isolate and further protect our international players.

We will be deep cleaning all of our facilities on a more regular basis and our pitch is being power sprayed with a specialist disinfectant weekly from today. The boarding house will be aired and cleaned more regularly by all involved.

It goes without saying that we have stocked the cupboards with food for the group of big eaters that are staying with us, even though there is no current pressure on supermarkets and suppliers.

At this point, I should also explain to you that we are taking extreme caution without being pushed to do so.

We have the wellbeing of the players at the forefront of our minds and feel we should step in at this time to offer further help and guidance to GPS UK. We will now be taking lead and will be in regular contact with you as the week unfolds.  In order to help the players not feel that they are in on shut down mode and be distracted from any current concerns, we are increasing our support to GPS UK and putting together fully structured active weekly programs which will cut out a large chunk of downtime in the house and encourage more fresh air in protected spaces.

We wish to continue to challenge the boys both physically and mentally on the football field within this schedule and add further physical and mental challenges wrapped up in some fun activities during their recreation time.

In conclusion to this mail, I would like to reinforce that your son is our priority in our care and we hope that our efforts will help to ease any concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact me by return if you have any questions.

Stephen Shortland
Chief Executive
Bracknell Town Football Club