Larges Lane Football Ground

Bracknell Town's Larges Lane ground. April 2015.
Bracknell Town's Larges Lane ground. April 2015.

The original Bracknell club was known as the Wanderers, and came into being in 1896. Initially, they played on a field near the Devonshire Arms before moving to a site near the station, some half a mile from their original home and now covered by Raneleigh Grammar School.

The move to Larges Lane came in the thirties. The ground was then basic, with a sloping pitch and only a small shed tucked into one corner for changing. The new town and the expansion of both the club and the area were still some way down the timeline, and it took until the mid-fifties to get the pitch levelled off, using materials for the housing developments that surrounded the club.

The club became Bracknell Town in 1962, and Sir Raymond Brown proved to be a benefactor for the club when he gave a large amount of money for a new clubhouse with changing facilities, a referee’s room and a hall complete with an overhang for spectators. All of these facilities were opened simultaneously by Sir Stanley Rous.

The new Larges Lane received its first major test in 1971 when an Amateur Cup tie with Newquay attracted 2,500 spectators.

As the club moved up through the Pyramid, a new brick stand and covered terracing were built, and further cover for around 300 people was installed in 1994 to meet the new Isthmian League ground grading requirements. This cover, built at the Mount Pleasant end of the ground, was renamed the Quinton Stand in 2002 in honour of the late Club President Jack Quinton.

For over 60 years, Larges Lane has been the home of Bracknell Town. It has seen thousands of games, of all kinds, and holds memories for many people of all ages. Development has been steady, and as a result you can watch a game, shelter from the elements, and have something to eat as you do so, all in a welcoming atmosphere. Whatever the future of Bracknell Town, the facilities and warm welcome will remain.